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Agile Practices 18th July 2017

Agile Transformations Beyond Teams

We are pleased to announce that our Principal Evangelist, Bill DeVoe, will be providing a lecture at the four day event, Agile 2017, in Orlando Florida on Aug 10th. With the title “Agile Transformations Beyond Teams”, he will dive into understanding the roots of resistance to agile from HR and Finance teams. They’ll leave with talking points and action plans to bring to their departments in order to transform them to support an agile framework.

Agile transformations are usually focused on our IT organizations. As change agents, we’ve become adept at changing our software teams but we often experience resistance when talking with groups outside of IT – in particular HR and Finance.

Check out our website for more info and to register here

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Company News 4th July 2017

Meetup on the Growing Popularity of TypeScript

On July 28th, Johann Echavarria and Juan Carlos Maldonado invite you to a MeetUp session in our Medellín center where they will talk about TypeScript and why it is becoming more popular.

Join us by registering at:

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Agile Practices 4th July 2017

Training review and perspectives on our Nearshore delivery centers

Our Principal Agile Evangelist, Bill DeVoe, between June 18th-30th came down to visit our center in Uruguay and our three centers in Argentina with the goal of providing training for Senior Management and team members. We were delighted to participate in the “Management 3.0 Highlights Workshop” which was a full day exercise on Agile methodologies including complexity theory and management theory. We also had the chance to discuss strategies for energizing our people and its power in our teams.

The developers and QA team members had a similar activity of a half session day called “Working in an Kanban environment” which was truly interactive and a hands on experience.

Bill shared with us his experience and said that: “I found very good people that knows what to do, working hard to improve our practices. I’m happy to see that our teams have a sense of community/familiarity that is crucial in agile environments. That is inspiring to deliver good value to our customers.”

Thanks Bill for sharing your time with us and help us improve our Nearshore capabilities.

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Company News
18th July 2017

ReactJS animations MeetUp

On July 5th, Julio Jaramillo and Johnny Gamba from our Medellín center led a new MeetUp edition around basic animation concepts...

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Company News
27th June 2017

MeetUp with Pioneers community in Medellín

Pioneers is an autonomous community that grows every day in Medellín with the aim of providing spaces for innovation, experimentati...

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Company News
29th May 2017

Community Involvement 2016 results

Community Involvement is an initiative driven by Velocity Partners that aims to improve the life of the communities where the compan...

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Company News
23rd May 2017

RabbitMQ training

On May 11th, Joaquin Cid and Andrés Vega hosted a training workshop on RabbitMQ in Rosario. They presented the basic concepts of...

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Working Together
16th May 2017

Polycom visit

The new management of Polycom decided, with VP input, that visiting the Montevideo offices was the best way to show the team their...

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