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Working Together 20th September 2017

DevOps team goal for Transcanada

TransCanada, an industry leader in the energy sector is facing the challenge of releasing three different software applications for their internal users. Velocity Partners was asked to assist in this effort and quickly assembled a development team and a DevOps team for them. The dev team is taking care of the design, coding and QA for all these applications, and is also involved in handling the build process and release cycle for all pre-production environments. These applications are being coded in .NET and Angular and hosted on Microsoft Azure’s PaaS App Service, and are integrated with other on-premise legacy systems. With very tight deadlines, the burden of manually managing the releases and deployments is a known risk that needs to be mitigated for this engagement: these tasks are precisely the focus of the DevOps team assembled.
The DevOps team has the ultimate goal of improving the release cadence, thus allowing the dev team to focus on code quality and velocity. They redesigned an existing and unstable CI/CD pipeline based on TeamCity and Octopus Deploy, considering the real needs of the team and business. They used an ‘ Infrastructure as Code’ approach to define each application’s resources in Azure, thus creating a replicable, stable and fast-to-deploy infrastructure.You can see the Velocity DevOps team taking a break and being captured with a smile in the picture. Congratulations to both teams for the good work !

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Agile Practices 14th September 2017

Successful MeetUp about Distributed Agile

“Agile with distributed teams” was a talk we held at the Meet Up in Medellín in the middle of August. There, Adrián Moya shared our experience on how VP implements agile methodologies to successfully deliver quality software while working remotely and from different office locations. The meeting was opened to the community and attendees participated in person, as well as remotely.
“It was a very interesting session. There was a lot of participation. We exchanged anecdotes about the subject and touched on many related points such as interactions between individuals, culture, time zones, motivation, and the meaning of belonging, amongst other things. It extended more than we had planned and we had good online support, ” said the organizer Adrián Moya.

We also received some feedback from the attendees which we would like to share:

“Excellent meeting. It was enriching to hear the experiences in applying agile methodologies in VP and other organizations, where the participants of this event work.” Edgar Pastran.

“Everything was outstanding. I thank the attendees and Adrian for sharing and providing feedback with such valuable information. “ Jhosman Ariosto.

“Very good presentation: I really liked explaining the theme based on the
experience of the rapporteur.” Gerardo Cordero.

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Company News 16th August 2017

Deluxe Entertainment becomes a new customer

We are proud to announce that another firm joined us to become partners in their software challenges.

Velocity Partners worked with Deluxe to assemble their first team in May 2017 to augment the deep talent on their existing development team.  Deluxe recognized that they needed to boost their development capacity to handle workload spikes without adding permanent headcount and without sacrificing the quality their internal teams produce.  Velocity Partners worked to define the development capacity needs, including the skillsets and management paradigm, to create a dedicated team operating out of one of our Argentine delivery centers.

The team is now focused on new Deluxe Entertainment initiatives involving .NET technologies, NodeJS and ReactJS in a new modern dockerized micro-services architecture.  Velocity Partners also integrated its distributed Agile development model with Deluxe Entertainment to speed up time to market and improve team-wide project coordination.

Deluxe Entertainment, started as a film lab in 1915, has established a legacy as the most trusted partner for the top content owners, creators and brands. Today, their comprehensive suite of global digital delivery solutions enables clients to move, manage and monetize content. Their world-class creative services underpin some of the most ground-breaking and meaningful projects in entertainment and advertising. Over 7,000 of the most respected technologists and artists in the industry work at Deluxe in 25 regions around the world.

To learn more about how Velocity Partners augments DevOps and product development teams for midsize to enterprise companies, call us today or contact us online.

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About Our Team
24th August 2017

Our newest VP Scrum Master shares his experience

Our pool of Scrum Masters is growing and we thought it was a good time to let our latest addition provide some insight on his new...

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Our Clients
3rd August 2017

Birchbox is our latest addition to our customer portfolio

 We are proud to announce that we have incorporated a new client to our portfolio.Birchbox is a New York City-based...

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Company News
18th July 2017

ReactJS animations MeetUp

On July 5th, Julio Jaramillo and Johnny Gamba from our Medellín center led a new MeetUp edition around basic animation concepts...

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Agile Practices
18th July 2017

Agile Transformations Beyond Teams

We are pleased to announce that our Principal Evangelist, Bill DeVoe, will be providing a lecture at the four day event, Agile 2017...

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Company News
27th June 2017

MeetUp with Pioneers community in Medellín

Pioneers is an autonomous community that grows every day in Medellín with the aim of providing spaces for innovation, experimentati...

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