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Company News 30th October 2017

Upcoming Webinar on How to Outsource Software Development

Velocity is proud to announce its upcoming webinar on “How to Outsource Software Development.” The session will delve into the good news and bad news for today’s software development and DevOps groups.
The good news is demand for software development is on the rise. The bad news is this growing demand has introduced and uncovered a variety of challenges for enterprise software development and DevOps teams. We will discuss how Velocity Partners can help software development organizations take advantage of the opportunities and overcome the challenges associated with these trends.
We hope you can join us on November 15 in this webinar presented by Barnaby Sheridan, our Nearshore Operations Director. Please join us to learn how Velocity Partners can help your organization create and maintain higher-quality products.

You can register here!


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Working Together 13th October 2017

Kinnser Software visits us in Rosario

Once more, Kinnser, a Home Health Care Software company visited us during the first week of October. This time around we hosted their Director of Dev Ops and one Product Owner in our delivery center in Rosario.
The main goal was to share time with their development teams and introduce the concepts of COP (Conditions of Participation for Home Health Agencies) which are vital for the upcoming sprints.
The whole team had a good time together hanging out as seen in the picture.

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Agile Practices 28th September 2017

Upcoming Webinar on Working Agreements

Agile teams work best when there are explicit agreements and policies around how the team works together. Working agreements are a clear and agreed-upon set of cultural norms or rules for a particular team. There might be policies within an entire organization – perhaps architectural or design agreements or coding standards – but most are specific to a team. There are three different kinds of agreements, each with a different purpose. In this webinar, we’ll talk about the different kinds of working agreements, how to craft them, and how to make them work for you and your teams.

We hope you can join us next October 11th, in this webinar presented by Bill Devoe, our Agile Evangelist, who will be offering this talk to help your organization create and maintain higher-quality products.

You can register here

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Working Together
2nd November 2017

Velocity in Tableau Conference 2017

For the first time, a Velocity staff member (Javier Valderrama) was invited to participate as a speaker at the annual event Tableau...

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Company News
6th October 2017

Redux Meet-Up in Medellín

Velocity Partners continues to lead the pack in emerging technologies within the developer communities around our South American...

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About Our Team
24th August 2017

Our newest VP Scrum Master shares his experience

Our pool of Scrum Masters is growing and we thought it was a good time to let our latest addition provide some insight on his new...

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Our Clients
3rd August 2017

Birchbox is our latest addition to our customer portfolio

 We are proud to announce that we have incorporated a new client to our portfolio.Birchbox is a New York City-based...

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