Glenn_Highway_and_Mount_DrumHi everyone,

Last week (Friday) I was fortunate enough to share a presentation at the conference in beautiful Charlotte, NC. Charlotte is a financial hub as it’s home to Bank of America, amongst other financial institutions. The conference drew over 400 raging agilistas from the local community and most of the speakers were “local” to the Southeast as well.

I shared a talk on . This is a talk that I’ve given in a variety of formats for a few years. Its a topic I’m greatly interested in: how do you determine if a team is truly delivering on the “promises of agility” in their day-to-day performance? At the moment, I explore 20 patterns or indicators to look for. It’s a fun workshop and I believe it helps organizations with continuous improvement ideas.

The next event I’ll be talking about is the conference in Boston from November 11-15, 2013. You can get more information here. The is the “East” version of a national conference with a wide variety of top-notch speakers and topics. I’ll be flying into Boston on Monday evening and back out on Friday evening. I’d love to chat with you about agile coaching and methodologies in general and/or how Velocity Partners might be able to enhance your organization’s overall delivery strategies.

I have a workshop I’m presenting on Tuesday, a track talk on Thursday, and I’m in the Leadership Summit on Friday. So yes, I’m a little busy, but do have some time for collaboration.

Stay agile my friends and hope to see you on the road…