Better Software West 2018 Conference

Better Software West
Better Software West

I wanted to share some great news that’s just been announced. I’m going to be speaking at the Better Software West 2018 Conference in Las Vegas in June! I’d like to go in a little bit on what it entails and why you should join me.

Session Details

I will be giving a workshop called Lean-Agile Learning Through Games. Specifically, we’ll be doing a modified version of the Modified Scrum Penny Game I wrote about previously. The goal of the session is not to simply teach people about some principles of product development flow, but to provide them the game so they can teach it to their teams and their managers. It will be a quick intro with a lot of action, so I hope you can make it.

My session is on Thursday, June 7 at 1:30 pm. You can read more here.

Conference Details

Caesar's Palace Logo
Caesar’s Palace Logo

The Conference will be from June 3-8 in Las Vegas, NV. The venue is Caesar’s Palace right on the Vegas strip. I’ve been to Vegas a few times and Caesar’s is pretty cool and very close to several other great casino-hotels in the area. You can see the registration and hotel information here.

Caesar’s Palace is definitely a landmark in Las Vegas and if you can make arrangements – before May 17th! – you should be able to stay at the hotel with a great rate.

Why You Should Attend

Exercises and games are critical components of the learning process. Especially because some lean and agile concepts are a bit counter-intuitive, having some practical experience on why something works is a powerful statement. This session is going to give everyone the hands-on experience of working with the games and provides them the opportunity to ask deeper questions about the concepts. And people can take this games back with them to their organizations and teams to have the same conversations and change some of the anti-pattern behaviors that we see.

Closing Thoughts

I love speaking at conferences because it gives me the opportunity to have the “light bulb” moments that I get in teaching but with a different audience. These conferences open up people to new experiences, new knowledge, and many “light bulb” moments. I hope you’ll come join me in June!


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