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company news 28th March 2017

Webinar: DevOps and Automated Testing

Apr 19 2017 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (EDT)

Many organizations are working to improve not just what they produce but also how they work. Adopting agile is usually the first thing organizations do, but it may not produce the results they want. DevOps requires a deeper, organizational change that can push groups that have traditionally adversarial relationships – development, QA, and operations – to join forces and improve the entire system. And one of the best ways to help enable that is via automated testing, a practice that integrates quality and support processes from the beginning. Successful automated test practices can improve product quality, stability, and maintainability.

In this webinar we’ll cover the following topics:

* What is DevOps?
* How to tackle a DevOps adoption
* Best practices to make your DevOps transformation successful
* What is Test Automation?
* What is needed to support an automation framework?
* Best practices for automation success

We hope you can join us in exploring DevOps and test automation practices that can help your organization create and maintain higher-quality products.


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