Agile 2017: Agile Transformation Session

I'm Speaking at Agile 2017!
I’m Speaking at Agile 2017!

It’s about 6 weeks until and time is ticking to get your tickets if you haven’t. If you’re going, you may want to stop by a little session on Thursday that I’ll be presenting about Agile Transformations Beyond the Team. The focus of that talk is about engaging HR and Finance in our agile transformations. With their support, we can really create sustainable, successful transformations. Without it, we may be fighting a stalemate (at best) or a losing battle.

Why HR and Finance?

The Human Resources and Finance teams generally codify the culture of our corporations. And most of that policies and procedures were in place long before we began our agile transformations. As a result, when we begin to change our IT and Operations organizations to move to agile, we can run into resistance from the HR and Finance functions. It’s not intentionally destructive but it can easily work against what we’re trying to build.

When’s the Talk?

I’ll be speaking at 9:00 am on Thursday, August 10th in H2. I will be giving my talk and be introducing my Spirit Animal exercise to the broader agile world there. Come check it out!

Getting Ready for Agile 2017

Make sure you check out the for information and see what’s available. There are over 400 sessions over the 5 days of the conference and some of the top thought leaders in the agile world are speaking here. And make sure to stop by H2 on Thursday at 9:00 to hear my talk!

@ Velocity

While we at Velocity are primarily working at the team level, our company does offer our clients the opportunity to receive coaching support. And while much of that coaching is about improving agile or team practices, my experience in enterprise transformations is certainly something they can tap into for advice.

Closing Thoughts

The annual Agile Alliance conference has been one I’ve been trying to attend for many years and I’m excited and very humbled to have been selected to speak at it this year. It is the pre-eminent agile conference in the world and if you can make it, I would highly encourage getting to hear innovative and engaging topics from some of the thought leaders in the Agile sphere.

Feliz entrenamiento, mis amigos! (Happy coaching, my friends!)


Bill DeVoe