Velocity Partners — Conversation w/Barnaby Sheridan

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This is another post in our Velocity Partners colleague spotlight series of conversations. The idea is to sit down with some of my Velocity Partners colleagues and to “talk shop” a bit. Getting to know their projects, interests, backgrounds, etc.

In this installment, we spend a little time with Barnaby Sheridan. He is one of our most senior leaders and partners, serving in the role of Sr. Partner, Nearshore OPS. He’s been moving around from our Medellin, Colombia office to most recently our Buenos Aires, Argentina office.

We spoke about one of his prime directives which is supporting the operational growth in South America as Velocity Partners continues to grow. But beyond that, Barnaby cares passionately about maintaining the wonderful culture we have across all of our offices as we grow. He’s helping to guide our training, leadership development, and HR focus so that we keep our eye on our great people, while continuing to deliver the results our customers have come to expect.

Since Barnaby is also a very experience Agilista, we wrapped up things with a little chat about agile best practices and his hobbies. All-in-all, it was a really nice chat, so please listen in and get to know him better.

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Recorded in June 2014…

Bob Galen

Bob Galen

Bob Galen is an Agile Methodologist, Practitioner & Coach based in Cary, NC. In this role he helps guide companies and teams in their pragmatic adoption and organizational shift towards Scrum and other agile methodologies and practices. Contact: