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agile training 11th June 2018

Upcoming Webinar on Automated Security Testing

Our software has never been more at risk. It’s been reported that the average enterprise receives 10,000 security alerts per day. Combine relentless enterprise security threats with last year’s record-breaking pervasiveness of software vulnerabilities, and it’s no wonder many organizations are revisiting their approaches to security testing and QA. And given the increased velocity of security threats, automated security testing is no longer a “nice to have” in your Agile environment — it’s a “must have.” In this webinar, we’ll be tackling the need for automated security testing, some strategies for approaching it in your organization, and good techniques for implementing it.

We hope you can join us on July 18th in this webinar presented by Bill DeVoe, our Principal Agile Evangelist, Radu Tighineanu, Information Security Specialist and Sandor Lenart, a Security Engineer. Please join us to learn how we can help your organization create and maintain higher-quality products.

You can register here!

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Agile Training
11th June 2018

Upcoming Webinar on Automated Security Testing

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