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agile practices 15th June 2017

Upcoming Webinar: Kanban and Scrumban Overview

Kanban is becoming a very popular method for visualizing and tracking work in a Lean-Agile way. But many times, driven by our desire for a very light-weight process, we sacrifice a lot of the structure of agile and create a process that’s more “cowboy coding” than lean or agile. In this webinar we’ll be talking about what Kanban is and isn’t – its principles, practices, and metrics – and we will review Scrumban, a way to blend Scrum and Kanban to create solid frameworks for your teams.

In this webinar presented by Bill Devoe, our Agile Evangelist, will be covering the following topics:
• Kanban Principles
• Queues and WIP
• Identifying “good” and “bad” Kanban
• Kaizen
• Scrumban overview

We hope you can join us on July 19th in exploring these Agile methodologies that can help your organization create and maintain higher-quality products.

You can register here

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